Tips for Buying Hawaii Foreclosed Homes

Posted by Scott Sturges // May 30, 2016

Hawaii Foreclosed Homes

As the aftermath of the 2008 sub-prime mortgage crisis slowly wanes, so has the selection of Hawaii foreclosed homes available for purchase. Banks know the market has improved and have themselves recovered significantly, so the sale of the remainder of their foreclosed homes has transformed from a race to turn-profits-as-quickly-as-possible to that of an effort to […]

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Making Your Way in Hawaii Real Estate Investing

Posted by Scott Sturges // May 16, 2016

Hawaii Real Estate Investing

As the economy continues to recover from its all-time lows after 2008’s sub-prime mortgage crisis, more and more lenders are willing to provide consumers with affordable mortgage loans. With home values consistently increasing year after year, for those considering trying their hand at Hawaii real estate investing, there’s no better time than now. Before you enter […]

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A Guide for Calculating Your Home’s Net Profit After Selling

Posted by Scott Sturges // May 9, 2016

Home’s Net Profit

Calculating your home’s net profit from your sale isn’t as simple as you may think. You have to account for things like agents’ commissions, post-home inspection potential repair costs, taxes, or even the possibility of expenses related to buyer contingencies – all of which can vary significantly, depending on how your sale process pans out. […]

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Signs You’re Just Not Ready to Sell

Posted by Scott Sturges // May 2, 2016

Ready to Sell

Just because you’re ready to sell your Hawaii home doesn’t meet your home is ready to be sold. Rushing to list your home and taking short cuts in your preparation can wind up costing you big time down the line. Extra attention paid to preparing critical features in a home before its listing, on the […]

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How Your Asking Price Can Sabotage Your Hawaii Home’s Sale

Posted by Scott Sturges // April 25, 2016

Asking Price

All too often the subjective opinions of sellers in regards to their homes muddy the boundaries that separate business from personal; the ramifications can be quite damaging. Sure, anyone trying to sell his or her home is going to want to get as much money as possible for it. But is there really such thing […]

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Trying to Buy in a Sellers’ Market? Read This First

Posted by Scott Sturges // April 18, 2016

Sellers’ Market

Like any other industry, the real estate market goes through unique trends and financial patterns of its own. The problem with these market swings is the real estate industry is heavily comprised of individual buyers and sellers, for whom, even change of just a few thousand dollars can have a profound effect. The residential real […]

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Your New Hawaii Home To-Do List

Posted by Scott Sturges // April 14, 2016

New Hawaii Home

Purchasing Hawaii real estate can be a complicated and complex process, as well as a significant investment. It’s important to adequately prepare yourself before you start your new Hawaii home search process. You should consider the following to ensure you begin your real estate journey on the right foot. Plan Your Timeline Real estate purchases are […]

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How to Nail Your Next Hawaii Open House

Posted by Scott Sturges // April 11, 2016

Hawaii Open House

The advent of the Internet has reengineered the entire home buying experience. The majority of buyers and real estate agents flock to the Internet, sorting through hundreds and even thousands of online listings in search of the perfect home for themselves or for clients. What does this mean for sellers? With buyers now able to […]

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How to Be a Competitive Hawaii Buyer

Posted by Scott Sturges // March 28, 2016

Competitive Hawaii Buyer

In a sellers’ market, where buyers have to compete with multiple offers, having the right strategy is the key to beating out the competition. If you have made multiple offers for several months without any success, you should probably rethink your approach. The home buying process is usually extremely stressful, nerve wracking and challenging for […]

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Streamline Your Closing Process

Posted by Scott Sturges // March 21, 2016

hawaii Closing Process

The reality is that the home buying process can be incredibly burdensome. You have to search for homes, visit homes, tour open houses, line up financing, negotiate, crunch numbers, fill out paperwork, etc. Here are some tips to keep in mind, however, when you’re trying to buy a home that can help make the closing […]

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