How to Survive While Your Hawaii Home is For Sale

How to Survive While Your Hawaii Home is For Sale

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For SaleFor the majority of Hawaii homeowners, erecting the for sale sign in front of their home primarily adds an extra layer of stress, rather than excitement. All of a sudden, the one place you’ve considered to be your sanctuary, your fortress of solitude, is constantly awaiting the next real estate agent or potential buyer to invite himself or herself on through your door. While you need your Hawaii home to look its best all the time in case of a valuable visitor, you still need to live and live in it. Prepare for your temporary live-in life and consider the following tips.

Pack Now!

Most agents try to sell their Hawaii listings in the first 30 days, and if not, then at least within the first three months they are listed. If you are planning to list soon, this doesn’t leave you with much more time left living in your current home with all your stuff. In other words – you don’t need all your stuff. Keep in mind that clutter-free homes show much better, and potential buyers will likely search every last inch of your home. Simply stowing your junk in a garage or basement is not going to cut it. Try to actually pack up your things, and it’s always helpful to store them in a portable storage unit for a really simple move in a short amount of time!

Who Shall Stay, Who Shall Go

De-cluttering extends far beyond just re-grouping and relocating your mess. Instead, use de-cluttering as your own personal opportunity for spring cleaning. Besides, if you are going to be moving your stuff with the help of professionals, every little bit you move will cost you. This is also a good opportunity to get rid of that raggedy furniture you were planning on trashing before you move anyway.

Keep Yourself Protected

Potential buyers are nosey people, and it is likely they will look through your drawers, closets and medicine cabinets during open houses are showings. Don’t keep anything out in the open in your home that you don’t want other people seeing; this includes everything from mail to personal photos. It’s a good idea to invest in a safe if you don’t already have one to store any valuable. Password protects all your home computers and stow away things like video games, remotes and DVDs that may walk home with someone.

Almost every Hawaii real estate agent will tell you the worst mistake a Hawaii homeowner can do is hover around potential buyers viewing their property. While it may sound fruitful to sit around and point out your homes best features to its viewers, opt to have your agent highlight them instead in your homes listing and in brochures available during showings and open houses.

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